The Band


Ken Blades

Lead Vocals and Guitarist

Ken is the frontman and musical arranger. A founding member and the most experienced musician in the band having fronted many bands over the years. Deaf as a post especially when money is being asked for.

Ken has many years of experience playing guitar and also the bass guitar in the amazing Marshal Brave Star with Martin Rushby and Dan Senior.


Martin Rushby

Drummer and Backing Vocals

Martin is Undoubtedly the loudest member of the band if you listen carefully you could probably hear his bass drum rumble on the wind!

He likes to have a laugh but is one seriously good drummer as he always keeps the even up-beat.


Peter Binnington

Bassist and Backing Vocals

Pete goes by the name Sat Nav as he produces directions for every gig. His favourite song is Saturday Night by Whigfield. A founding member and unofficial father of the band!

Pete may be old but he knows how to party as he'll out dance anyone so just try and take him on at our next gig. A true Rock and Roll legend.


Corey Stathers

Trombonist and Backing Vocals

Corey is Tobys best mate probably because he works in McDonalds! The tallest member of the band Corey because he fell asleep in a greenhouse when he was young.... probably.

He's loud and gives the sound guy a run for his money as you can hear him even without a microphone. Dont get close as his slide hurts!!!!


Toby Barrowcliff

Guitarist and Backing Vocals

Toby plays guitar and Harmonica.The youngest member whose second home is said to be McDonalds! A first rate guitarist for one so young.

We have managed to get toby to down size his rig and what a rig it is. Listen out for some off his technical solos .


Will Parker


Will plays the bad ass Baritone Saxophone. A talented solo player Will was the last to join the band and what a great addition he is. His Bari is sure to test the foundations of many pre war buildings.

Will is the Guy who plays everything you give him. Will's main instrument is Tuba which he plays for a successful brass band Hatfield playing with top musicians from the movie brass off. He enjoys the challenge and to show you lot how to party.


Chloe Mae Fenton


Chloe plays Alto but she has also recently bought a Tenor Sax; Chloe is the quietest member of the band although her rucksack is like a little gift shop!!! she also has no bone in her nose!

She's loud when she wants to be however to says she is the only girl in the band she makes sure who's the boss.